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Selling Your Home Quickly And Easily: 4 Tips For Preparing For Open Houses

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Americans don't typically stay in same spot for long, so it's not unusual if you're looking relocate every several years. One of the hardest parts of moving is selling your house and preparing it for viewings. You'll have a better luck in the current real estate market if you speak with one of the 2 million active real estate licensees present in the United States. Other than that, here are 4 tips that can really make a difference as to whether your house sits on the market for several months or gets snatched up immediately.

Avoid Headaches by Setting a Specific Time

You can literally sell your house in a couple of hours if you get all of your potential buyers to visit the open house within the same time range rather than at random times throughout the week. Set up a specific time when you and your real estate agent will be free. A couple of hours a day for several days will generally be sufficient. Your real estate agent is your best friend, as he or she can easily answer questions from potential buyers and also emphasize all of the features that make your house amazing.

By setting up a specific time, potential buyers can see how much interest the house is getting. This encourages them to put in an offer as soon as possible in order to avoid missing out on their dream property.

Remove Clutter from Your Home

One of the main objectives of hosting an open house is to make your home look as appealing as possible. You want your potential buyers to be able to visualize a future in your home. If your house is stacked full of items, it'll look cluttered. To make your house look like its fresh out of a magazine, you'll have to remove anywhere from 10% to 50% of your belongings. This is a great time to rent a temporary storage unit. Removing clutter not only makes your house look more appealing, but will also raise its market value. This is because your home will look more appealing, which makes it look like its worth more. A clean house also looks like it will require less repairs or maintenance in the long run.

When removing clutter from your home, you should consider depersonalizing your home. This includes removing family photos and other sentimental items. It's difficult for potential buyers to visualize a future in your house if it is filled with photographs of your family. 

Offer Refreshments and Treats

Although this is optional, many real estate agents will recommend (and will often bring along) refreshments and treats for your guests. This helps liven up your house and make it appear a lot more welcoming. If you have refreshments and treats available, it'll also encourage potential buyers to stick around and make conversation. This will open up an opportunity for you or your real estate agent to sell your house based on all of the advantages it can offer.

You don't have to buy fancy refreshments and treats. Simple finger food will be sufficient. For example, you might want to offer tea, coffee or water with some cookies or cake. Make sure to choose treats that won't leave a mess – especially if you know your potential buyers will be bringing their children along to the open house.

Make Sure Your Home Smells Inviting

Studies have suggested that fragrances are strongly correlated to memories and emotions. This is because the information collected from these two experiences is stored in the same areas of the brain. While most homeowners focus only on renovating their home by painting the walls and cleaning the carpet, you should spend some time deodorizing your house by making sure it smells fresh and clean.

Freshen up your house with air fresheners or scented candles. Choose fragrances that are inviting, warm and fresh. Avoid strong fragrances, as they may actually be unwelcoming to those with sensitive noses.


It's important to market your house properly before an open house and to prepare your house for the big event. Speak with a real estate agent to determine the type of preparatory work that needs to be completed before the open house, and divide the responsibilities. More often than not, your real estate agent will have the resources and tools needed to transform your house, so that all of the rooms looks like the same type of showrooms you see in magazines. 

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