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The Do's And Don'ts Of Using Hashtags For Your Lake House For Sale

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When you list your lake house for sale on social media, using hashtags can set it apart from other real estate posts. Also, the use of hashtags can instantly get a post about your house in front of the exact people you want to reach: motivated home buyers who are scouring social media for potential homes to buy. Follow these do's and don'ts when using hashtags on a posting of your home for sale.

Do Use Hashtags for Posts That Are the Best of the Bunch

When you use a hashtag on a post, you are inviting people beyond your immediate audience of followers. Don't add hashtags to awkward posts or those that don't show off your house in your best light. A photo that shows your lake house with the shimmering lake in view is a nice choice. Choose hashtags for high-quality photographs that will invite people to want to learn more about your home for sale.

Don't Abuse Hashtags by Using Them on Unrelated Posts

One common mistake people make when first using hashtags is to get overly eager. For example, a woman who just put her house up for sale may be inspired to tag all her posts that week with a real estate hash tag, but that can irritate and frustrate potential home buyers. If someone is searching for a real estate hashtag but are led to a post about making stew, that can irritate them an close their mind to looking at your actual real estate posts.

Do Get as Local as Possible with Your Hashtags

Although national real estate hashtags trend more often and will likely reach more viewers, it is better to go with local hashtags. After all, if you get 1,000 views of your post around the country, that won't be as valuable as a few that are targeted to your target audience of local home buyers. After all, it's unlikely that someone across the country will fly in just to go to your open house. You may even try looking for hashtags that are specific to your area. 

Don't Reveal Personal Stuff in Posts with Hashtags

Since you don't know who you will attract with the hashtags you use, refrain from giving away any personal information in posts that have a hashtag. That's a good policy in general when it comes to making social media posts, but can be especially important when making posts about real estate for sale. Your home address may be included with your real estate listing, and putting too much personal information out there can leave you vulnerable.

Finally, keep in mind that complete strangers who are searching for the hashtag that you use will be led to your post. You may get comments, likes, and shares from people you don't know, and that is precisely how you may reach a future home buyer. Follow these do's and don'ts, and your hashtags may be a powerful tool to help you sell your home.

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