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5 Tips for Using QR Codes for an Open House

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QR codes, short for "Quick Response" codes, are becoming popular in the real estate industry. Because the real estate industry is both highly visual and location-dependent, strategically placed QR codes that send potential customers to specific sections of your website can help expedite the buying process. Currently, QR codes are used in all types of real estate marketing materials, such as flyers, lawn signs, and business cards. However, if you really want to take the QR code to the next level, you should consider creating an interactive open house, strategically tagged with QR codes. 

Make it Easy for Potential Buyers to Add Your Open House to Their Schedule 

QR codes can do more than simply take potential clients to a web page. They can automatically add your contact information to clients' phones or tablets, open an email or SMS so interested parties can quickly contact you, and create a calendar event that is automatically added to a person's phone when they scan the QR code. This last feature can be useful when you are advertising an open house. On flyers and lawn signs that advertise the open house, you can include a QR code with the event information, including an alarm set up to remind potential buyers when and where your open house is. This makes them less likely to forget the open house and more likely to show up on time. 

Create a Video to Introduce the Owners 

It is usually not a good idea to have the owners of a home at the home's open house. This is because potential buyers can feel shy about looking at a home as thoroughly as they would like when the owners are there. However, many potential buyers will be curious about who the current owners are. A short video that can be accessed by a QR code placed by the front door or in the family room can introduce the current owners and help reassure potential buyers that the home is currently properly cared for. 

Highlight Features in Each Room

If you are expecting a full open house, you may not be able to answer all of the questions potential buyers may have. Some buyers may not want to wait until you are available and others may not feel comfortable interrupting you to ask their questions. Creating a list of features for each room that can be accessed by a QR code lets people quickly see the benefits of each part of the home. 

Make it Easy for Interested Buyers to Contact You

Near the door, there should be a QR code that allows potential buyers to express their interest in the house they just viewed. This can be set up as an email with a subject line already entered so you can quickly sort through various listings as you receive emails. 

Link to Similar Listings 

Some potential buyers will decide the house they just viewed is not the right fit for their needs. Below the QR code to indicate interest in the house, you can list a QR code that links to similar houses on your website. This way, potential buyers can find something they like that's still from you. 

Creating QR codes is a simple process. However, creating all of the information that the various codes will link to can be somewhat time consuming. You will have to decide if the open house you are hosting warrants a full QR code tour or if you should stick to one or two more simple QR codes to increase buyer engagement without investing too much of your time and energy. Either way, QR codes are becoming something that buyers will expect to see at your open house. Learn more about your options by contacting companies like Homecodec.