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3 Important Reasons Why Your Parents Would Like Moving To An Active Adult Community

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Are you the child of a parent who is at or nearing retirement age? Have you been talking with them about what they'll be doing once they are retired? Doing something like moving to a new home can be a big change for anyone. If your parents are having trouble deciding whether to stay in their current home or sell it and move to a retirement community, here are some reasons why moving may be the best option for them:

Fewer chores: Many people enjoy doing household chores, but some of them can be dangerous. Even simply climbing a short ladder in order to clean out the gutters could result in a fall that necessitates a trip to the emergency room. Falling from a ladder can be deadly at any age, but can be especially dangerous for older adults. In an active adult community, many of the external maintenance is handled by landscapers or other skilled staff instead of the tenants themselves. In addition, your parents would be able to call on staff for help with interior tasks like changing light bulbs or smoke detector maintenance. This will leave your parents free to enjoy their retirement, instead of worrying about potentially having to spend their retirement years in the hospital.

Better neighbors: Your parents may love children and spending time with their grandchildren, but they don't necessarily want to deal with all of the issues associated with the younger generation. Loud late night music and screaming children will be a thing of the past if your parents move to an active adult community. Since all of the residents will be of a similar age, your parents won't have to worry about noisy parties or having to call the police because one of the neighbor's children vandalized their property. And because many of the communities are gated, your parents also won't have to worry about hoodlums from outside the community breaking in and stealing stuff.

Group activities: An active adult community often has private tennis courts, a gym, a swimming pool, and more for the use of residents. In addition, the community owner or the residents themselves frequently organize weekly or even daily trips to different locations. Some of these excursions might include shopping at far away stores, going to a museum, or visiting nearby landmarks. If your parents enjoy crafts, such as scrapbooking, woodworking, quilting, or more, they should be able to find plenty of like-minded residents to share their enthusiasm with.