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Important Things To Look At When Checking Out Real Estate Listings

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If you have decided to buy a new home, you have probably started looking at real estate listings. This may be with the help of an agent, or you may be checking online or in the newspapers. Of course, you look at the price, location, and number of rooms to make sure you can afford the place and it will suit your needs. However, there are other bits of information you should consider before asking to see the property. 

Taxes and Insurance

If the price of the new home is going to be close to your limit, you need to be sure that you can truly afford it. Make sure you look at all the different taxes that will be assessed to the property. Most of the time, these will be added to your monthly mortgage payment. In addition, talk with your insurance agent to find out how much you must pay for the policy on the new place. If these costs take your mortgage too high, you will need to consider a different home to avoid overextending yourself.


When perusing the listing, see what it has to say about utilities. Find out how the place is heated and cooled, what type of hot water heater and stove it has, and what type of internet connections are available. In addition, you should know if the clothes dryer needs to be gas or electric. The different fuel types all change the amount you will be spending on your utilities. In addition, if it uses a fuel you have not used before, you may have to have a deposit to get things started. This can make your moving costs more than you had anticipated. If the listing does not have the average bills for the past year, see if you can get them from the agent.

Room Sizes

Just because the listing states there are 4 bedrooms and 3 baths does not mean it will fit your family. Check the room sizes. An 8-foot by 6-foot bedroom is probably not going to be big enough for anyone other than a baby or young child, but it can be used as an office or craft room. If the home is empty when you go to look at it, the rooms may appear larger than they are so you will not realize your furniture will not fit. Having the dimensions will help a lot.

While it can be tempting to go and see every house that may fit your needs, you will save a lot of time if you only go to the ones that you are sure about. It will also ensure that your agent is more available to you which can help the deal go smoother.