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Avoid These Mistakes If You Want To Sell Your Home

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If your home is on the market, you can do a lot to ensure that it will never sell. Unless you are careful, the below mistakes could end up turning away potential buyers by the droves, so read on to learn more about avoiding mistakes that make it appear that you don't want it to sell after all.

Mi Casa Su Casa

While "my house is your house" is a nice sentiment, it may not work when it comes to selling your home. Buyers need to imagine themselves in that home, and having a lot of personalized accessories about can turn buyers off. Take down all those certificates, photographs, diplomas, monogrammed, and personalized items and let your buyers see the home itself.

Hide That Feature

Be sure you identify the best feature in each room and showcase it. Open the drapes across that bay window, remove the boxes from in front of your fireplace, and so on.

A Pet Lover and Proud of it

If you have pets, you are likely just used to the stuff that comes with them: bowls, leashes, cat litter boxes, etc. Having pets is fine, but your new buyer may not necessarily be interested in viewing all the pet toys and beds and more.

Your Unique Decorating Style on Display

Anything you can do to present a more neutralized picture to a potential buyer will work in your favor. That means getting rid of that wallpaper, unusual paint colors and other unique décor items. Instead, paint the walls a nice beige or taupe and let the new buyers add their own style to the home.

Isn't That What Closets are For?

When the real estate agent calls and only gives you a few minutes to get your home show-ready, it can be tempting to just shove things into a nearby closet or extra room. The problem with this method of dealing with clutter is that buyers may want to look inside those rooms and closets, and they don't want to see a half-eaten pizza, newspapers, and dirty socks. Instead, invest in some nice looking storage boxes to stash stuff away at the last minute. And put the pizza in the fridge.

I Know My Home's Value

If you think that you are capable of setting your home's selling price yourself, you may be either over or underpricing your home. Either way is bad. There is a lot more that goes into a home's selling price than you think, so count on your professional real estate agent to help you arrive at a price that just right for your neighborhood and your home's features.  

After you sell your home, contact an agent that can help you find real estate for sale near you.