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Tips For Organizing A Closet Before An Open House

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When you're tidying your residence before an open house, you might initially be tempted to cram anything that is cluttering a room in the closet to make the room look tidier. The issue with this decision, however, is that many prospective buyers will open your closets. This isn't being nosy — in order for someone to seriously evaluate your home, he or she will want to see what the closets look like. Doing so will be difficult, as well as a little off-putting if your closets are packed with your possessions. Here are some ideas to employ for organizing this part of your home:

Cut Down On The Volume

The first step that most people can take when it comes to organizing a closet in their home is to reduce the volume of possessions that they have stored in this space. Many closets are naturally packed, which can make it difficult for people to evaluate them. This may be a good time to go through your items and decide what to sell, donate, or throw out — doing so now will not only make your closet look better, but also reduce the amount of work on moving day.

Store Things Properly

While you might use any closet in your home to store anything of which you have an excessive amount, this can lead to a disorganized and overwhelming look for people checking out the closets. Before the open house, you should evaluate the things that you're storing in each closet and make the necessary adjustments. For example, a linen closet in the hallway should have tidily folded towels and sheets, as well as perhaps some cleaning supplies. If you're using the extra shelves in this closet as a makeshift pantry, it's time to take the canned goods and store them elsewhere.

Hide Any Distracting Elements

Because you can expect people to be checking out your closets, you should make sure that you aren't storing anything in these areas that could be distracting or embarrassing. For example, if you have any items of a personal or sensitive nature, don't simply set them on a closet shelf and hope that no one will see them. Depending on what they are, they could distract prospective buyers or even make people feel slightly put off — and this will take away from them focusing on your home itself. If you have things that you don't want people to see, secure them in a home safe, a locked box, or even store them in your car trunk.

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