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Small Home Staging

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If you have your home up for sale, you want to do a good job of staging the house for its showings. If your house is relatively small, then you want to do some things that will help it to present well. The information offered in this article will offer you some strategic staging tips on staging a small place, which can help you to start getting those offers coming in.

Have A Party To Remove Clutter

When you moved into that home you may have had a housewarming party where your family members and friends came to celebrate you moving into your new place and even gave you housewarming gifts. Now that you are going to be moving from it, you can do this in reverse and it will help you to have an easier time with the home's staging. Invite everyone over for one last celebration in the house and have items available for them to take with them when they leave. This is a fun and effective way for you to clear out a lot of the clutter that will get in the way of your showings, while making memories for one last time in the house before you move.

Follow the 3-Year Rule

After your party, if you still find that you have a lot of stuff then you should consider having a yard sale, giving things to charity or even throwing stuff out. If you have items that aren't collectibles or family heirlooms that you haven't had a use for in three years or more, then those things can go.

Remove Heavy Window Dressings

When it comes to creating a larger looking space in a smaller-sized home, you should consider removing any heavy window dressings that may be helping to make the home look even smaller than it is.

Take Down Wall Decor

While you may love walking in your home and seeing tons of pictures of your family, all those pictures and other wall décor can make your home appear more cluttered. Also, it can make others feel like they have walked in a home already claimed as yours, when they are trying to find one that feels like they can imagine it being theirs.

Use Mirrors

Large mirrors can be placed in small areas to help create the illusion that they are more spacious than they really are. While you don't want to go overboard with the mirrors, you can definitely use some throughout the house to your advantage.  

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