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Why Many People Prefer To Live On The Top Floor

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Whereas some people prefer to live on the lower floors of tall apartments, there are many others who love living as high as the top floor. Here are some of the reasons some apartment buyers scramble for the top floor units:

They Rise Above the Noise

One of the reasons many people love living in the top floor is due to the low levels of noise there. Most of the noises that affect people in apartments are only loud on the lower floors because those are the places they are generated. Street vendors, factories, and road noises from passing vehicles are mostly hard on the lower floors. Therefore, if noise is a problem for you, you will be happy to live on the top floor of a tall building.

Peeping Toms Won't Trouble Them

Do you have a problem with neighbors peeping into your home while passing by your door? Or maybe you love to lie around in your bathrobe while watching reruns of old movies. Even if you don't do anything of the sort in your house, you still have the right to be disturbed by those who have unauthorized visual access to your home's interior. However, you won't have any of those worries if you choose a top floor unit in your apartment block.

They Get Awesome Views

Many people also love living on the top floor because of the awesome views it gives them. Certainly, this can be a big plus if you live in a concrete jungle where the only thing you can see from a ground floor apartment is the businesses on the next street. By choosing an apartment on the upper floors, you will be able to widen your field of vision and improve the view from your house considerably. Any real estate company can tell you that the view from an apartment has a huge effect on demand and pricing.

They Don't Worry About Burglary Threats

There are also those who love the safety and security that comes with living on an upper floor. Whether or not you are paranoid about your personal security, you certainly have no love for burglars or petty thieves. Whereas it is fairly easy to throw a brick through a ground floor window and get into the house, it is not so easy with a top floor house. The risk of getting caught is great for criminals targeting upper floors so they don't do it that much.

They Can Get All the Vitamin D They Need

Lastly, there are also those who love living on the top floor because of all the sunlight they receive. This makes sense because the lower floors will have their sunlight blocked by nearby structures or buildings. When you live on the top floor, the direct natural light can improve your mood, health, and even energy efficiency.