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Why You Should Not Dismiss That Bland Home

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Many people rush for beautiful houses when looking for a home to buy, which is understandable. However, you should not automatically dismiss bland-looking houses. Evaluate such houses based on other factors other than their blandness. Below are a few reasons to give bland houses a chance.

You May Enjoy a Lower Price

Home sellers understand the benefits of stellar curb appeal when selling a home. In fact, many sellers spend considerable resources in sprucing up their properties before putting them on the market. They mow lawns, add flowers to their front porches, and even give their sidings fresh coats of paint. A seller who does all these things will want the listing price to reflect the house's beauty.

However, a seller who doesn't work too much on curb appeal won't factor it into their prices. Thus, if you do due diligence, you may buy a good house at an affordable price simply because it isn't the most attractive in the neighborhood.

You May Face Less Competition

A bland house might not attract as many offers as a beautiful house in the same neighborhood. The reduced competition reduces your risk of facing a bidding war. Avoiding a bidding war is a big deal since

  • A bidding war can drive prices above the prevailing market rates.
  • You might end up overspending on a bidding war due to emotions, for example, if you don't want to lose.
  • You might waive too many contingencies and/or accept too many of the seller's contingencies.
  • You might rush some of the processes to avoid losing the war.

You may avoid all of the above if only a few potential buyers are interested in a house.

Aesthetic Improvements Are Relatively Easy

Don't ignore a bland house if everything else is alright because you can improve the house to your liking after purchase. Aesthetic improvements are relatively easy to make, which is one of the reasons sellers focus on them. You should only be worried if a property requires structural improvements such as roof repairs since those are complex and expensive.

Beautiful Houses Are Not Necessarily Better 

Lastly, know that attractive houses are not necessarily better than bland ones. As mentioned before, sellers improve curb appeal to attract buyers, but some also use aesthetic improvement to mask serious problems. For example, a homeowner might use a fresh coat of paint to hide cracks in the wall.

Don't assume that one type of property is better. However, you should not rush to attractive houses because you think they are the best. Evaluate all houses to get their true character or structural integrity before choosing one. Reach out to a real estate agent near you to learn more.