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Three Things You Should Know About Commercial Office Leases

When you rent office space, you’ll typically have to sign a lease detailing your rights and responsibilities as a tenant. However, commercial leases are vastly different from the ones used to secure residential spaces. Here are three things you need to know about commercial leases to help you fully understand what you’re signing up for. There’s No Such Thing as a Standardized Commercial Lease The first thing to know about commercial leases is they’re not standardized, which means each rental company may use a form specifically developed for them or create a new contract each time they rent to someone. This is both an advantage and a drawback. A non-standard lease means the contract can be customized to fit the needs and preferences of both parties entering the agreement. For instance, you could negotiate which utilities the landlord pays for and which ones you must take care of every month. This lets you fine tune the contract to suit your specific business. On the other hand, a non-standard contract also means it may be filled with hidden clauses that could cost you money or hurt your business. For instance, your rent may be based on the percentage of space you’re renting in the building. If the landlord tears down or closes part of the building, your rent may increase to reflect that you’re now using more space even though you didn’t actually rent another square foot. It’s important to thoroughly read the contract before signing to ensure all of your negotiated items are included and there aren’t any hidden clauses that could hurt you. There Aren’t as Many Consumer... read more

Let Your Nose Lead You: 5 Scents To Beware Of When Purchasing A Condo

When you first begin looking for condos for sale. you will likely be reminded to look for an amazing view. Not only will a view increase your enjoyment of your condo, but it will also help when you want to resell the condo later. However, what most realtors will not warn you about is common condo smells that you should be aware of. The scent of a property can tell you a lot about who lives there, how the property is maintained, and whether it is the right place for you. Below are some common smells that you should be aware of when looking for your perfect condo.  The Sweet Scent of Garbage  All condos will have to dispose of garbage somehow, and unfortunately, there will likely be a unit located near the trash area. Hopefully that unit is not yours, though. Besides the smell of garbage, if your unit is located too near to the dumpsters, you may be awoken by early morning trash collection. To make sure your unit will not suffer from this, open the windows and stick your head outside or go out on the balconies. If you cannot smell the slightly sweet smell of garbage in the distance, then it is likely that you will not hear garbage trucks either.  Fur and Feces  Some condo complexes allow pets while others have strict rules about them. Which you are looking for usually depends on your own pet situation. If you are looking for a place that is more lax about Fido roaming around, then you may welcome the subtle smell of fur or animal feces... read more

3 Mortgage Tips That Veterans Need To Know

If you’re a veteran and you’re looking at homes for sale, you have a useful tool in the VA home loan program. Unfortunately, some homebuyers avoid the VA program out of concern that the process will be too difficult or involved. Furthermore, not all real estate agents are familiar with the ins and outs of VA mortgages. But the truth is that while VA home loans do have some specific requirements, qualifying for a VA home loan is easier than you might think. After all, the goal of the program is to enable as many veterans as possible to become homeowners. Take a look at some tips that can help you secure a VA home loan and buy the right home for your family. Know Your Credit Score Knowing whether your credit score will qualify you for a VA loan is the first step. It’s important to understand that the VA itself does not issue loans; the credit score requirements are set by the lenders, and as a result, they vary from one lender to the next. However, VA home loans are backed by the federal government, allowing the lenders to extend more leeway to veterans seeking a VA mortgage than they might extend to other would-be homebuyers. Currently, most lenders that handle VA home loans are looking for a credit score of around 620, the minimum score required by the VA. Compare that to a conventional mortgage, where a score of 740 is low enough to trigger additional fees and hoops to jump through. Check your credit score before you begin your home search. If it falls below... read more

Selling Your Home Quickly And Easily: 4 Tips For Preparing For Open Houses

Americans don’t typically stay in same spot for long, so it’s not unusual if you’re looking relocate every several years. One of the hardest parts of moving is selling your house and preparing it for viewings. You’ll have a better luck in the current real estate market if you speak with one of the 2 million active real estate licensees present in the United States. Other than that, here are 4 tips that can really make a difference as to whether your house sits on the market for several months or gets snatched up immediately. Avoid Headaches by Setting a Specific Time You can literally sell your house in a couple of hours if you get all of your potential buyers to visit the open house within the same time range rather than at random times throughout the week. Set up a specific time when you and your real estate agent will be free. A couple of hours a day for several days will generally be sufficient. Your real estate agent is your best friend, as he or she can easily answer questions from potential buyers and also emphasize all of the features that make your house amazing. By setting up a specific time, potential buyers can see how much interest the house is getting. This encourages them to put in an offer as soon as possible in order to avoid missing out on their dream property. Remove Clutter from Your Home One of the main objectives of hosting an open house is to make your home look as appealing as possible. You want your potential buyers to be... read more

Don’t Make These Four Home Sale Mistakes

With a housing market that’s recovering from hitting bottom, putting your home up for sale can be an intimidating prospect. The way that you approach the preparation, listing and showing will contribute to how quickly you close on the sale. Here are a few common mistakes homeowners make when selling and tips to avoid them. Selling Too Soon If you’ve decided that you’re going to sell, putting your home on the market can be exciting. But don’t let that excitement lead you to put your home up for sale before you’re really ready to do it. Sometimes, in the rush of the adrenaline, people will list a home only to realize that they weren’t really ready to commit to a major move. Take time to talk through the whole process with your family and be sure that you know where you’re headed before you put that house up for sale. Not Preparing Properly To get the most from your home sale, you need to make sure you’re presenting the best possible version of your home that you can. Before you put your house on the market, take some time to do some prep work. Do a complete walk-through of both the interior and exterior of the house. Inspect everything, looking for areas where you may have flaking paint, damage or other issues that need to be fixed. Make the repairs before you list your home so that you reduce the reasons for people to discount their offer. Once the repairs are done, you need to stage the house. Work through the house one room at a time, removing personal... read more

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